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Faac Ram
Faac 770 24 V

Automation & Safety

All new installations will use only low voltage CE conforming gate automation equipment. Installed to the strict DHF guidelines where applicable. Underground (hidden from sight).

Above ground motor units.

We have to comply with safety standards. Therefore assure all customers of this when the installation is complete. A full safety brief and handover will take place to give you peace of mind.

We use equipment from many manufacturers on our installs and repairs. These include, but are not limited to FAAC, CAME, NICE, BENINCA, APRIMATIC, BFT, SEA, and more. Even if you don’t see a manufacturers name on the product, we can guarantee to source the part or offer a close alternative. We are also very adept at keeping older systems running, even when other companies have failed to do so. This is due to our long history of mechanical/electrical knowledge within the industry, including help from long-term suppliers and contacts at the factories.